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Enjoy your service in a drama-free environment. Kick back with a complimentary beer, listen to a few records, and let our stylist wash the stress of the day down the drain. For those of you who visit on a regular basis be sure to ask about our Frequent Punch Cards!

Ladies Haircut
Haircut … $35+
Bang Trim … $10

Pricing for ladies haircuts depend on length and type of haircut. This service includes a scalp massage, shampoo and condition, haircut, and a finished style. We offer one bang trim in-between haircuts.
*For the indecisive, please be sure to schedule a consultation.*

Ladies Custom Color
Root Touchup … $65+
All Over Color … $65+
Heels on Fire (up to 8 foils) … $40+
Part Foil/Balayage … $75+
Full Foil/Balayage … $100+
Toner … $20+

Color correction priced upon consultation. Pricing for all hair color services may very depending on technique and the amount of color it takes to achieve desired look. This service includes a blow out.
*For all new color clients and for a dramatic change in hair color we require a consultation.*

Ladies Hair Conditioning/Repair
Dry Remedy Moisturizing Treatment Masque … $50
Damage Remedy Intensive Reconstructing Treatment … $50
Botanical Hair Therapy … $50
Botanical Scalp Therapy … $50
Botanical Hair and Scalp Therapy … $75

These treatments are designed to instantly moisturize dry hair/scalp and repair damaged hair/scalp. All treatments include a blow out.
*Any of these can be added on to your services for just $25.*

Ladies Up Do or Down
All Up … $65+
Half Up … $45+
Just Curls/Straight Style … $25 +
Wash and Style … $35+

Bridal up do priced upon consultation. Up do styles will vary on pricing. This depends on how much detail is required to achieve desired look. Bridal up dos will include consultation, trial run, and final style.

Ladies Skin/Make Up
Facial Waxing … $15
Make Up … $25+

Our wax is actually not wax. Its a sugar! For a more gentle experience and for those of you who are sensitive. Make Up prices may vary. Styles range from a natural face to theatrical.

Kiddos Haircuts (under 12)
Haircut … $20+
Bang Trim … $5
Line Up … $5

Pricing for kiddos haircuts may vary depending on the style. We also offer one bang trim and line up in-between haircuts.

Gentlemen’s Haircut
Haircut … $30+
Buzz Cut … $15
Line Up … $10

All haircuts include a scalp massage, shampoo and condition, and a finished style. We offer one line up in-between haircuts.

Gentlemen’s Color
All Over Color … $45+
Part Foil/Balayage … $45+
Facial Hair Tinting … $20+

Pricing may vary.

Gentlemen’s Skin
Beard Trim … $10
Facial/Nape Waxing … $15

Our wax is actually not wax. Its sugar! For a more gentle experience.

Gentlemen’s Hair/Scalp Treatment
Scalp Therapy … $15
Hair Therapy … $15
Scalp and Hair Therapy … $30

Depending on the service, these treatments are designed to exfoliate and moisturize.

Hair Retexturing
Smooth Infusion Retexturizing System … $50/hr

Aveda’s Retexturizing System has the ability to permanently and gently alter your hair. We have the control to create a controlled curl pattern, full and rounded, or smooth and straight look.
*This service requires a consultation.*

Hair Extensions
Fusion Extensions … Priced Upon Consultation
Dread Extensions … Priced Upon Consultation
Feather Extensions … $10/pc

We use SoCap Hair for fusion extensions. Which is Italian Remy hair that is minimally processed and will last up to six months. We can make synthetic dreads in house or you can order your own and we’ll install them.
*All extension services require a consultation.*

Starter Dreadlocks … $350+
Natural Dread Maintenance … $50+/hr
Dread Perm … Priced Upon Consultation

We use a back comb and palm rolling method for natural dreadlocks. Pricing will vary among stylists.
*Most dreadlock services require a consultation.*

For appointments please call (816) 753-4447

Cancellation Policy

We understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary. We respectfully request at least 24 hours notice for cancellations.
Failure to do so will result in 50% service fee.