Al Naturale is when you lock your hair naturally. No chemicals or waxes. Our perfected method has been used for over 13 years. It consists of backcombing and rolling the hair. Keep in mind dreads take maintenance to keep a clean look.


This method is great for those of you who color your hair regularly or don’t want to fuss with maintenance. We’ll install them the same as Al Naturale, then carefully wrap and perm each dread. This leaves your dreads with a matured lock-look.


Offering dread extensions is a way to not only add length to existing dreads, but are a great way to adorn them. Some go for bold colors, creating steam-punk and cyber-punk looks while others take a more natural, earthy approach.

Either way we can make them in house with natural and synthetic fibers. We have and endless amount of colors to pick and choose from! We can also install pre-purchased locks if you desire!